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I thought I would pose the following question to you and your readers. I realize that this is probably not a new question, and it does get addressed, at least indirectly in many pages, but I don't recall it having been the focus of any specific page to attempt to categorize specific motivations.

What do visitors to your website find to be the main reasons for and benefits of chastity? Various possibilities get mentioned. For example (in no particular order, and taking the perspective of the woman as keyholder, male as wearer, although the question is obviously applicable in other situations as well):

1) Provides peace of mind to the woman (Keyholder) that her partner won't (be tempted to) stray, as in the sense of having an affair;

2) Provides assurance to the woman that the male won't indulge in "self abuse", which she may either find distasteful or offensive in its own right, or which she finds (or at least fears) would reduce his motivation or performance level in meeting her needs.

3) Is simply a fantasy of the wearer and she goes along to support his interest, even though she sees no particular benefit in it;

4) Is a tool for addressing significantly different libidos within a relationship. For example, perhaps she is just not interested in having sexual activity as frequently as he might like it, and the use of a cb is one way (particularly if he already has an interest in cb's) of making sure she is not "hassled" by unwanted advances.

5) Provides a tool to "encourage" the male to pay more attention to her sexual needs and improve his performance and technique in this area.

6) She finds the power transfer and control resulting from her holding of the key to be a real "turn on", sexually and otherwise.

7) Encourages the male to be more submissive, obedient and "trainable", not only in terms of pleasing her sexually, but in areas outside the bedroom as well.

There are obviously overlaps among these possible motivations, and no doubt other reasons/benefits as well. Some of the motivations are what might be considered to be purely practical approaches to "managing" the sexual component of a realtionship (perhaps not even accompanied by any significant denial of male orgasm), while others get more into the psychological and power exchange areas.

Any comments?




Saturday, September 22, 2001, 6:33:34 AM, you wrote:

Hello Mistress Littlestar,

Thank you for your inquiry. It's been some time since I posted that list of questions on altairboy's site...nice to see that it's still being read! 

You certainly are welcome to republish my post on your site, but I would ask that you include my nick and email address along with it (which you would probably do anyway).

I not sure I would feel qualified to create a male chastity faq. I don't own a chastity device, and have never been locked up (yet?!), so I don't have any first hand experience, so to speak! However, there is a chastity belt FAQ on Altairboy's site (prepared by "Dirk") which addresses a number of questions, and others such as Mortice Deadlock in the UK who appear to have  conducted more research on this matter. Most of my knowledge has come from reading sites such as Altairboy's, Patty and Ron's site etc. 

I have been an "avid student" of female dominance/male submission, including male chastity, for some time, but have little direct knowledge of the actual practice. (Something about "being careful what you wish for" pops into my mind now and again, for some reason, although intellectually I fully support the chastity concept <g>).

Having said that, I would be happy to comment on, or make a contribution to a male chastity faq if there is anything I can add from the "theoretical" side...:)

Bye for now




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