"Can you help me find information about enemas?"

I get a lot of requests for information regarding enemas both from a health stand point and an erotic/bdsm point of view. To that end, I've put together a small list of websites that contain the type of information that you are looking for. (Note:  If you discover that any of the links listed below no longer work, please let me know)

  1. Kevin's Q and A on enemas; the information provided here is based upon personal experience
  2. The Naughty Nurse's Erotic Enema Clinic
  3. Enema & water sports sites only
  4. NozWiz's Nozzle Emporium
  5. Enema Gear from Klystra
  6. Enema and Suppository Message Board - No Sexual Content 
  7. Enema Sex - An adult fetish site featuring women with enemas inserted.
  8. Medical Sex - An adults only site featuring enemas, female gyno images and more.
  9. Enema Toys - Everything from Bags and Bulbs to Bargains.
  10. Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself - by Dr. J.G. Knox DC.
  11. Enema Fun - dedicated to those that use enemas for health and fun.
  12. The Enema As An Erotic Art And Its History - This site is about Erotic Enemas and the book that David Barton-Jay wrote about them.
  13. Tyler Labs - for adults interested in enemas for eroticism and healing. Also, a photo processing service handling all ratings. Beth Tyler's website not only promotes safe and sane enema play but she also sells equipment and has a new service entitled "Enemates" as featured below:
    1. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to meet your mate!
      Many members have been seeking an opportunity to meet
      fellow Enemates and here is your chance.Write your words to entice, send your pictures to arouse and we'll create a webpage to delight and attract your dream Enemate.
  14. Enemarotica - For the enema fetishist erotic, with amateur enema videos, stories, gear, and more
  15. Everything you need to know about Enemas and Enema Equipment
  16. The following is a list of the various alt.sex* newsgroups that deal with enemas.
    Enema Newsgroup
    Colostomy Newsgroup
  17. Enema Lovers Guide to the WWW Excellent Resource site for those that are looking for information about Enemas on the Web.

Enema Clubs and Message Boards

  1. A place to discuss enemas suppositories and diaper fetishes
  2. Enema Lover Connection
  3. Enemas And Dirty Diapers
  4. Enema Chat Forum
  5. Enema Personals
  6. Enema Lovers Chat Board (This appears to be a great place to locate other like-minded individuals like yourself!)
  7. Erotic Enemas: For Women Who Love Enemas for Health and Pleasure
    (This is a site by and for women)

There are many ways to ferret out this type of information on the Net.  One of the ways I always recommend is using a well-known search engine. (e.g., google.com, Yahoo.com, AltaVista.com, etc).  The trick to getting the search engines to return the information you REALLY want is in using keywords and combinations of keywords. 

For example.  Lets say you want information about enemas.  I would put in the Keywords "Enemas and Sex" or "Enema and sexuality and bdsm".  By using the words "and" you are narrowing down the number of pages that the search engine will return.  Putting your keywords inside of quotes and using the word "and" will assure that only pages containing the paired words will be returned to you.

Perhaps you're looking for equipment or accessories to go with the gear you already have.  Again, include your primary keyword surrounded by quotes and separated by the word "and".  (e.g., "enema" or "enema and equipment" or "nozzles and enema").  I think you get what I mean.

I hope this helps. 

Ms. Star



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