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Fisting Requires Finesse and Lots of Lube

by Kelly

The events that happened are real as I remember them. I have, however, changed the names to protect the identities of the two men.

One of the hottest non-bondage scenes in which I've ever participated involved two men. I was at a play party just hanging out in the social area when one of the guys came by and picked up my hand. He looked at me, smiled, and asked, "Have you ever fisted anyone before?" I hadn't.

That night I not only learned about fisting, but I learned an incredible amount about the male anatomy, too. I asked a lot of questions of these two experienced gay men and will share what I've learned with you.

Dan told me that he'd been into fisting for years. In order to be able to safely accommodate a fist and not damage his sphincter muscles or get a hernia, he trained his ass. He started with a small butt plug and worked his way up to larger and larger butt plugs, until he felt that he was able to accommodate one the size of a fist without discomfort. It took him about 8 months. Dan told me some guys take as long as a year to accomplish it.

Dan and Bill had been partners for a couple of years and Bill was envious of the obvious pleasure that Dan experienced while being fisted. So he decided to anally train himself too. Bill had worked himself up to a large size butt plug and was ready to experience the real thing. He'd had several enemas before the party and hadn't eaten since breakfast time. He was clean. But, Dan had huge hands and Bill felt challenged by them. They noticed my hands the instant I walked into the party. They had me in mind the entire night until finally they asked me if I would help them. I was delighted. Making new friends, sharing a new experience and learning something new all at the same time thrilled me.

Dan handed me a pair of very long latex gloves. They came up almost to my elbows. Then he handed me a canister of Elbow Grease. Dan said that Crisco is what they used in the old days and that some guys still prefer it. He smeared my hands with the grease, covering the gloves well past my wrists with the lube. He also smeared the grease all around Billís anus, even penetrating it with several of his fingers. Bill really liked the preparation.

Bill began to breathe deeply in an effort to relax. I took a bit more Elbow Grease and made sure my fingers were well coated. Then I inserted them into his anus. It was very elastic and soft at the same time. As Bill relaxed, it was easier to push my fingers into him. Keeping my fingers together in a cone shape, Dan coached me; I slowly twisted my hand in a corkscrew motion. All of a sudden it felt like Bill's ass just sucked in my hand. My hand was in up to the wrist.

Bill began panting at this point. He realized I was in. Dan smiled and Bill said he was doing fine. He just needed a minute. I suspect it was because he was rock hard and ready to shoot but didn't want to. After a bit, I felt Bill relax again. Dan taught me how to bunch up my hand into a fist keeping my thumb tucked up so my thumb knuckle formed a bump. He had me keep my hand tightly fisted and my nails (which we had trimmed off before we started) curled into my palm. I slowly moved my fist about, trying to use the thumb knuckle to press into Bill's prostate.

The prostate was difficult to locate, but unmistakable once found. Through the wall of the colon, I could feel a slightly denser, spongier area. Once I got the hang of it, I could control Bill by pressing my thumb knuckle into that spot and moving away from it when he got too excited. Needless to say, we three played for what seemed like an hour. Bill was very loose and relaxed at this point. Dan leaned down kissed him and asked him if he wanted to go further. Bill sighed a happy, "Oh, yes."

Dan lubed up my other hand and taught me how to slide my hand along my forearm and down along my palm, keeping my fingers tightly against my other hand. As my second set of fingers began to penetrate Bill's ass, he shuddered and his cock jumped. I could tell this was really sending him off into a good mind space. He again relaxed and even pushed against me. Whenever he pushed, it was as if his ass was trying to swallow my hands. I let him do the work while I just provided resistance for him to push himself onto my hands. He took both hands up to the wrist. Bill felt very soft and warm inside. My hands were comfortable though cramped with both so tightly pressed together.

Because of the tightness, I couldn't move my hands very much to stimulate him so I just alternately clenched and relaxed my fists. Bill seemed to like it. Watching his face, Dan said to me suddenly, "don't let him push you out!" Bill suddenly had contractions inside his anus, peristaltic waves tried to push me out. I had to lean into him against the pressure to keep my hands from popping out. With each wave of pressure, Bill moaned and sighed with pleasure. His face was incredible to watch.

Not too long after that, Dan asked me to withdraw one of my hands. I slid it slowly out along my other forearm, exactly the reverse of how I had inserted it. Then, after stimulating his prostate with my thumb a bit more, I withdrew the other hand. I was curious about how a just fisted anus would look. It was relaxed and slightly open, but slowly closed up into the familiar tight pucker after just a few minutes. Except for the lube all over his ass, I wouldn't have known that Bill had been fisted.

Fisting requires patience, time and lots of lube.


Note from Ms. Littlestar:

The above article is not a fantasy... although I wasn't on hand to witness her experience, I can assure you from my own experiences that everything she writes is 100% true, up to and including the need for anal training! There are too many "bad" things that can happen if you're not prepared. Take the time for training and you'll be rewarded with pleasure beyond compare. For both Yourself and your partner!