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It's embarrassing, isn't it? You have this interest. You may be a girl in her 20's, a man in his 60's or anyone else at all in between--the thing that makes you different from "other people" is that you have an interest in enemas. It's not just the idea that a "clean colon is the best way to a healthy body" (a good motto, by the way); it's a desire to experience the anorectic and colonic stimulation provided by a skillfully given enema. You may have lurked in this newsgroup (a. s. e.) for months, and yet you're still afraid to post or to email any of the contributors. Maybe you even went so far as to get an "anon" number. You may have even talked to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife about enemas in a tentative way--and been rebuffed. Or maybe you don't have the ability to discuss this issue. You're just too shy.

If any of the above describes you, I have some suggestions that may help you satisfy the longings you feel.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you are not alone, whether you are male or female. Many people have a strong interest in enemas, both for cleansing and for erotic purposes. I have personally corresponded with many folks, both male and female, who share what they often call "the kink"--an interest in receiving or giving enemas. Some (me included) like both giving and receiving; others like only to receive (typically they are submissives), while some also like only to give (typically they are dominants). There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy enemas, but for whom it is a "dirty secret;" after all, it's "unnatural" (so they think). I wish to say to all of you who fear to reveal your interests, THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE YOU.

The paper that follows is an effort to help you find a way (or two) to express your desires / needs in the context of your own life, or to find a partner who has the same interests. I have been interested in enemas for almost as long as I can remember. They always have seemed to me to have an erotic component, and I remember that when I was still a teenager I fantasized about giving them to my girlfriends. I also always enjoyed receiving them. I gave them to myself from time to time when the house was empty (parents and siblings gone), and felt a combination of things from them: first, they actually felt good to me--the rectal stimulation, the filling, the pressure, even the cramps, felt good. All the preceding were components of a very erotic experience for me. Then, I felt good when I was finished. Lighter. Empty. Cleansed. Until my first *real* girlfriend, I was too shy to discuss enemas at all. I thought nobody else in the WORLD was like me--then I found that my girlfriend (we were both still in our teens) had been given enemas by her mother--and she wanted me to repeat the process for her. With her (as with so many "klismos"), the enema was a love-hate thing. She wanted enemas (and, I'm sure, fantasized about them), but she also feared them because of the pain/humiliation but wanted them because of the rectal/anal pleasure, the stimulation and domination and...

If you're a klismo, you're acquainted with many of these emotions.

Eventually we developed a routine--I would ask her "how she was feeling;" I could always tell if she wanted/needed an enema (or two) by her response. First, she would look down. Then she would get a bit tongue-tied; then she would tell me she "wasn't feeling good;" and, of course, that made me ask the questions leading up to the conclusion: "Well, I think I need to give you an enema." She typically concurred with my judgment, especially after we got the preceding routine set up and began to understand each other's body language and verbal responses a bit better. She wanted to receive, I wanted to give. Strangely enough, I was too shy to tell her that I also would like to receive. To this day, I don't understand my own shyness about this.

Anyway, time went by and we broke up, and both of us found other partners--and I discovered the great (and disgusting) truth that there were also many women who did NOT like or wish to receive enemas. This was a real blow. Now I felt like I had before. Nobody else was like me. I actually believed that until the late 1970's, when I began to see publications appear in the adult bookstores dealing with enemas. They were usually fake (the pictorials, anyway)--but at least I now knew I was not the only one.

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