How to Let Go in the Bedroom (5 Steps)

When it comes to BDSM people have always seen it as taboo. While 50 Shades of Grey is actually very problematic (this is a topic for another article) a lot of people who already participate in BDSM are kind of okay with it existing… and why is that? Well, it’s making BDSM and other S&M practices less taboo! A lot of people crave control in their everyday life, but when it comes to sex a lot of people are looking to let go. Because of how BDSM is becoming more popularized in vanilla culture, people are more likely to look for that release through BDSM practices.

Anastasia Steele is submissive in the 50 Shades of Grey movies, but what you might not expect is that men aren’t only dominant. Men can be submissive to women! But a lot of men – because of traditional gender roles and such – feel that they can’t fully submit to a woman. However, submitting to a woman in the bedroom can help you find release from the stresses of having to be in control at work, in your relationship, and as a man. Letting go can be hard, but I’ve compiled a few steps that will help you dip your toe and slowly ease your way into the waters that are male submission.

  1. Embrace your submissive tendencies
    If you find yourself sexually attracted to not only powerful women but the idea of controlled by powerful women in the bedroom, you should reconcile with those urges. You don’t have to be the macho man in every situation.
    So whatever is holding you back from being submissive, you should really work to mentally knock down some of those walls. You don’t have to be fully comfortable with it when you start, but you should try to get as close as possible.
  2. Learn the basics
    Before you do any sort of BDSM, you should learn the basics. Learn what safe words are! Learn how to use them. You also need to learn the general conventions of how a session works. You can easily google stuff like that or you could find a local dungeon and go in for an exploratory session.
  3. Start slow
    If you’re starting to experiment in the bedroom with your partner you really should start slow. Don’t go all whips and chains immediately, you should start with something pretty tame like hand cuffs or some light scratching.