Welcome to “Celebrate Male Submission”. Bookmark this site as it will become one of your favorite places to visit.  For many of you, this site has become ‘home’; it has become a place to ask questions and receive answers. It has become a place where many individuals discover that they are NOT sick, perverted people but normal men and women who have a different view on life.  This place, CELEBRATE MALE SUBMISSION does just that.  It Celebrates submission for being what it is. A Gift.

Home is where we go when we are confused about something. Home is where we go when we need comfort from somebody that we feel close to.  Home is where we return to and reminisce with friends and family.  Most importantly, it is a place where we return to when searching out the answers to the puzzles in our lives.   Puzzles like… “Why do I find myself excited at the prospect of wearing a dress?” or… “I want to visit a Professional Dominatrix but I don’t know what to do or where to go”; and when we’re too embarrassed to ask the advice of friends and family about submissive yearnings, this is the place for you. HOME. 

In addition to the information found in the MaleFAQ section, the Subspeak forum may also provide you with answers to questions.  Subspeak is a private message forum hosted by Delphi, where malesubs and Fem Dommes come and discuss issues that concern them.   Everything from the Whys of being submissive to favorite play music.  The contributors of the forum are scattered across the country.  Good information; great advice; wonderful opinions.  Come and add your voice to this forum.  The group registration code is “sub male” (minus the quotes) in order to gain admittance.

I am very pleased to announce a new, very ACTIVE discussion list that I have created.  Like “SubSpeak Forum”  it discusses the issues surrounding Male Submission and Surrender but unlike the Delphi forum, you have an option of receiving the posts via the web OR in your email box.  You can either go to the SubSpeak section and sign up using the GROUPS box found on the page.  Either way, you’ll soon be part of a wonderful exchange of information.

The FAQ section contains over 55 articles and covers everything from “I’m new and confused” to “Play after 60” a section for the mature player.

The Showcase section contains original images never seen before.  The majority of the images contained within these pages are of individuals, all consenting adults, submitting to me!  The other images have been donated for use with the permission of their respective owners.  Please observe the copyright protection laws and contact the owners if you would like to use their images.   We have created over 60 showcases to date and with the recent call for models, we hope to be able to put up even more!

New Information, New Links, New Resources, and Images are constantly being added.  If you have something that you think would help shine a light on this lifestyle please send it!!!  The more information that we can gather and share will help ensure that others will enjoy a safe exploration of this realm. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email them to me. 

Do you have a favorite site that you’d like to see listed?  Are you a Professional Dominatrix? Are you a Male Sub with a great (or not so great) webpage that you’d like to share with the world?  Add it!!   Our popular personal ads section “In Search Of” offers you a way to make your availability known to the world at large.  You can also add your favorite links to other sites via our “Favorite Links” section. 

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